ARKH AR Controller

ARKH AR Controller Pro

ARKH AR Controller Pro

Connect. Create. Play.

The AR Controller Pro is our NEWEST edition with improved charging and color. When paired with devices, it allows users to interact with the AR environment by touch and motion to create, play, and manipulate objects.

ARKH AR Controller Pro


Capacitive touchpad with accurate (x, y) coordinates

Device UI Connection

Unity SDK comes with UI system and onboarding process.

Haptic Feedback

Linear Resonant Actuator provides feedback when trackpad is touched.

Object Manipulation

SDK provides an interaction framework for object creation, scaling, rotation, selection, and movement.

Charging done right.

Charge your controller easily with the pogo pin charging dock. Full charge takes ~90 minutes. Battery life lasts over 8 hours in active use or 2000 hours in standby.

controller cradle


Height: 29mm, 1.15 inches

Length: 48mm, 1.89 inches

Width: 18mm, 0.71 inches

Weight: 24 grams


64 MHz Arm Cortex-m4 with floating-point unit (FPU)

Motion-Tracking Sensors

60hz sample-rate


8+ hours of usage time

2000 hours standby

90 minutes to full charge