ARKH AR Controller

ARKH AR Controller Pro


ARKH AR Controller

Connect. Create. Play.

The dev controllers are for developers looking to push the boundaries of our reality with new hardware. There is limited stock of dev controllers.

Controllers sell for $125. Buy now!

ARKH AR Controller Pro


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Control Your Reality

A small wearable controller that sits comfortably between your index and middle fingers and connects to your phone via Bluetooth.

controller moving object

The ARKH AR Controller allows for intuitive and precise input with its touch surface on the underside, custom haptic feedback system and array of motion-tracking sensors.

ARKH's tracking technology unlocks the powerful potential of the real world interaction.

picking up AR asset with controller

Design unique spatial interactions to create more dynamic, intuitive and precise mobile augmented reality applications than ever before.


Height: 29mm, 1.15 inches

Length: 48mm, 1.89 inches

Width: 18mm, 0.71 inches

Weight: 24 grams


64 MHz Arm Cortex-m4 with floating-point unit (FPU)

Motion-Tracking Sensors

60hz sample-rate


8+ hours of usage time

2000 hours standby

90 minutes to full charge