Snap x ARKH Announcement

Join the AR revolution.

Welcome to ARKH, where imagination meets reality in the most exhilarating way. One platform to craft, share, and explore a new AR world with stunning voxel creations.

Connect, create and play with the ARKH app

Seamlessly connect with a global community of creators in a new reality. Unleash your creativity by crafting mesmerizing voxel wonders, and immerse yourself in a boundless world of creation and play.

Build anything, anywhere

Craft your masterpieces in the comfort of your home or venture out and leave a trail of art across public spaces, transforming the world into your own interactive gallery.


Introducing the AR Controller Pro

Unlock a world of touch and motion interactions, making AR creation, play, and manipulation a seamless and immersive reality.

Live View

Step into the heart of augmented reality and place your AR creations in any space to share with anyone in the world.

Creator Tool

Unleash your creativity. Your imagination knows no bounds - and neither does ARKH’s voxel creator tool.

Global View

Place your creations anywhere in the world, invite friends, and discover together.

Discover Mode

Uncover mesmerizing creations, exciting rewards, and hidden hyperlinks as you explore the augmented realm.


Seamlessly upload 3D files to your web backpack and access them from the mobile app in seconds.

Arena Mode

Conquer hordes of zombies and foes. Step into the arena and experience the excitement of ultimate AR combat.

Ready to augment reality?

Unlock a world of boundless creativity and thrilling experiences. Join the ARKH community to shape, share, and explore a mesmerizing augmented metaverse!

Create with any tool through Hyperweb

With the uploader tool in your web backpack, seamlessly import glb, gltf, png, or jpeg files. Elevate your AR experience by sharing links or watching your favorite YouTube videos within the app.

Pair your controller with Snap Spectacles

The AR Controller integration has been made available to developers with a pair of next-generation Spectacles. Our AR Controller asset can now be found in the Lens Studio Asset Library, making it even easier for everyone to try out!

Want to become a developer?

Interested in pushing the boundaries of our realities? Join ARKH’s Developers Program for a full suite of benefits. We’re accepting applicants daily!