How do I upload my artwork on the marketplace

You can upload your personal artwork through the uploader on the ARKH website. Once it is uploaded, it gets added to your backpack. From your backpack, you can list it in the marketplace. In the app, you can create your own voxel arts and list them directly to the marketplace

What is the Creator Pass?

The creator pass opens up a completely new way of how you can interact in ARKH. Once you have it, you can upload any 3D Creation from external 3D Software into your backpack and to the marketplace. Committing creations to the marketplace becomes much faster.

How do I see what's in my backpack?

In the app, you can simply press the backpack icon in the right bottom corner to go to your backpack. In the website, you can select the backpack in the top right of the navigation bar.

Is there a limit to my backpack?

No! There is no limit to your backpack so fill it with all of your favorite artworks, creations and NFTs!

How do I save my voxel creations?

After creating your voxel art, you can give it a name by pressing on the name to enable edit mode. To save your final creation, press the the save button.

How can I see my creation in AR?

You can place them into the LiveView directly through your backpack by choosing them and clicking on 'AR'.