Can I add my social links to my profile?

Yes, you can add your social links to your profile. On the ARKH websitee, go to your profile page by clicking on the profile icon in the top right corner of the navigation bar. On your profile page, click on the ‘Edit’ button which will take you to a form where you can add your social links. Once you have added the social links that you like, press the save button. You can now go back to your profile and see the social icons associated with your social links above your shop.

How do I upload my artwork on the marketplace

You can upload your personal artwork through the uploader on the ARKH website. Go to your backpack and click on the "Upload" link to find your uploader tool. Once it is uploaded, it gets added to your backpack. From your backpack, you can list it in the marketplace in the app. Currently the web does not have the functionality to list on the marketplace. In the app, you can create your own voxel art and list it directly to the marketplace.

What is the Creator Pass?

The creator pass opens up a completely new way of how you can interact in ARKH. Once you have it, you can upload any 3D Creation from external 3D Software into your backpack and to the marketplace. Committing creations to the marketplace becomes much faster.

How do I see what's in my backpack?

In the app, you can simply press the backpack icon in the right bottom corner to go to your backpack. In the website, you can select the backpack in the top right of the navigation bar.

Is there a limit to my backpack?

No! There is no limit to your backpack so fill it with all of your favorite artworks, creations and NFTs!

How do I save my voxel creations?

After creating your voxel art, you can give it a name by pressing on the name to enable edit mode. To save your final creation, press the the save button.

How can I see my creation in AR?

The number one choice is to place your item in Global View so others can find your item in the world. Go to your camera and click on the "Global" icon. You are now in Global View and can place items from your backpack into this space. Go to you backpack, find the item, and then click on 'AR' to place. You can place them into temporary LiveView mode which is the camera's default.

How do I import artwork into the app?

Currently you cannot import artwork through the app. Please visit your backpack on the ARKH website to upload your artwork.

How do I follow people on the app?

You can follow people on the app by clicking on a profile from the marketplace. Once you are on their profile page, you will see a “Follow” button underneath their name.

How do I see people that follow me on the app?

To view your followers, navigate to your profile on the app. The avatar icon on the bottom will get you to your profile. Click on your followers to be taken to a screen to see both who you follow and who follows you!

How do I report a piece of art on the marketplace?

You can report art on the marketplace only on the web. Log in to the website, go to the marketplace, and click on the ellipsis on an item. You should see an option to report that item. Clicking on report will open a dialog where you can select the reason why you are reporting the artwork and for any other details.

How do I get to the marketplace?

You can get to the marketplace by clicking on the market icon in the app.

What are ARKH coins?

ARKH coins are a digital currency used only in the ARKH app and website. ARKH coins are $0.10 and can be used to buy creations, tools, experiences, ect. ARKH coins can also be withdrawn when you reach 1000 coins for USD.

How do I get ARKH coins?

ARKH coins can be purchased both on the app and web. The web will be cheaper to buy ARKH coins since the app takes a larger percentage of sales. Go to your wallet either on the app or web to see purchase options. Select the amount of coins you would like to buy and finish the checkout process.

How do I refund a purchase?

If you purchased coins through the IOS app, please contact Apple for a refund. If you purchased on Google Play Store or through our website, please contact our support team for assistance.

How can I change my name on the app?

You can change your name on the app and web by visiting your profile page and clicking on the edit button. The Edit button should take you to a page where you can edit your name, bio, and social links.

How do I sign out of my account?

To sign out of your account on the app, hit the settings icon on your profile page. You will then see an option to log out. On the website, hover over your profile avatar in the top right corner. The bottom option in the dropdown menu should be the log out option.

How do I share my account?

You can share the link to your account on any social platform. We are still working on the share option for the website. On the app, you will find a share icon on your profile account.

What do I do if I am locked out of my account?

If you cannot log in to your account, try resetting your password at If you are still having problems, please contact our support team on discord for assistance.

Can I change my username?

You cannot change your username at this time.

Can people see my first and last name?

Yes, other users will be able to see your first and last name on your creations and profile page.

What is the ARKH AR controller and what does it do?

The ARKH AR Controller is basically to AR what a mouse is to modern computing. The controller is used to interact with AR assets and utilize AR tools. View details here:

How do I charge my ARKH AR controller?

You can charge your arkh controller pro with the pedestal that it came with. A charging light on the controller should turn on when it is successfully charging. If you have a dev controller, please use the micro USB cable to charge.

My art was taken down how can I appeal to get it back?

You can reach out to the support team on our discord with your concern.