Private Beta is Here!

Aug 06, 2021

Dear ARKH Community,

We are very excited to announce that our private beta release is finally here! If you are on the private beta list, you can now download the ARKH app through the Android Play Store and iOS App Store.

Our team has been working very hard to review all feedback and bugs to prepare a great platform for our community, so we look forward to hearing about your experiences!

Forgot to Sign Up?

It's not too late! Download the app and our team will process you from there. When we reach maximum capacity, please send us a request! Upon availability we will be able to approve more.

What to explore in the ARKH app

Within the private beta, you can create, upload, sell, and interact with your creations. Below are some tips from us to help you experience ARKH.

1. BUILD - Build with Creator Tool

ARKH is the world’s first in-app system where users can freely create voxel-based content. Use the Creator Tool from the hamburger menu to start building your own voxel creation!

2. PLACE - Interact with creations through Live View

After creating a 2D or 3D asset, users can interact with the AR assets by placing them in their virtual space. Open Live View and place your new asset.

3. MONETIZE - Sell and Buy on Marketplace

The ARKH Marketplace is a platform full of user-generated digital assets and experiences. Each asset is unique and truly the creator’s content.
Once you're happy with the creation, list the item for sale in the Marketplace by going into your profile and listing your creation for sale

Ownership and Ways to Monetize

All creations are automatically minted and secured through ARKH. Open your creation, put in a quick description, set a price and quantity, then click to mint! When users sell their items, they receive ARKH coins in return. ARKH coins are backed by USD(c), meaning you can withdraw every ARKH coin earned through the app to real US dollars!

Bonus Assets During Private Beta!

Fans can find their favorite influencer's featured creations by swiping right from the marketplace.

Future Outlook

ARKH’s private beta features single-player AR, but with open beta you will have access to full features such as engaging with friends in Global View.

In addition to the app, users will also have the opportunity to engage with assets using ARKH's AR controllers. Stay tuned to hear more about it in upcoming posts.

Talk to Us and Talk to Your Friends

If you haven’t signed up for the private beta release, be ready to explore when ARKH’s official open beta launches. You’ll have a chance to engage and socialize with your friends and family in a whole new ecosystem.

Again and as always, we are here to hear about your experience. You will encounter bugs so please let us know if and when you encounter issues or want to comment on your experience at Remember to talk to us on our Discord, Twitter, or Instagram!


Until next time,