ARKH Becomes World's First Augmented Reality Powerhouse

May 17, 2021

DALLAS, Texas -- May 17, 2021 -- ARKH, Inc. today announced it has officially acquired critically acclaimed hardware, software, certain intellectual property, and technical assistance from UK-based augmented reality startup Litho. As part of the deal, ARKH and Litho have partnered to further develop and bring forth the best AR experiences for people worldwide. Additionally, the two parties have founded a joint entity to hold, maintain, & develop certain technical IP acquired from Litho. ARKH believes that this multi-million dollar agreement marks one small step forward for ARKH, and one giant leap for Augmented Reality.

“The AR Controller is to Augmented Reality, as the mouse is to modern computing.” said Landon Nickerson, ARKH’s Founder. “At this point, most people have been exposed to some of what Augmented Reality (AR) has to offer... but very few understand the amazing things that are made possible when you have an AR controller on your hand. This deal allows us to bring together extraordinary minds whose primary focus will be enabling developers and people around the world to fully experience the wonderful possibilities of Augmented Reality and Spatial Computing.”

ARKH, founded September 2019, plans to begin shipping AR hardware and software products this summer. ARKH will immediately begin leveraging hardware and software acquired from the deal with the ARKH AR Controller, & the new ARKH Developer Kit, to empower developers and the community to create one-of-a-kind AR experiences that users can monetize and share with others on the platform, all of which will ultimately come to life on ARKH’s Social AR Platform.

Conversations between the two entities began in November, 2020 -- and after a tremendous overlap in vision of the future was discovered between Nat Martin (Litho’s CEO) & Landon and team, both parties believed it best to find some way to work together. Thus, they began to strike a deal. Litho was formed by a team of people who have dedicated themselves to shifting our relationship with modern technology -- to create a reality where technology was less of a barrier to the real world and instead simply a tool to enhance it. Together, the two teams are now working to have a hand in deciding the future of spatial computing.

Litho’s team will support ARKH through a contracting agreement to ensure that implementation of this new hardware and software is as seamless as possible. The development tools and hardware will shine a new light on the AR space, giving developers and users the opportunity to create one-of-a-kind experiences for those who use the ARKH Platform to enjoy. ARKH will also be proactively testing and optimizing functionality amongst hardware components that also reside on the novel “ARKH Ring” device thanks to the similarities between the ARKH Controller and Ring.

In summary -- ARKH designs novel AR products; developed the first standalone spatial computer for personal use, the ARKH Hub; is creating a novel AR smart ring that aims to change the way we interface with technology; created the world's first Social Networking AR Platform, which not only introduces novel social interaction methods, but also serves as a place for users to create, experience, monetize, and share with friends... and now, this summer, ARKH will be defining the future of AR by introducing a vision that we hope you will love.

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