Announcing the New Hyperweb!

Mar 24, 2023

Hello all!

We're back, and we've missed you! It's been quite some time since our last update, but our silence wasn't in vain. Our team has been working tirelessly behind the scenes, innovating toward a truly augmented reality for all of us.

First, we are grateful for your patience, support, and engagement throughout our development journey. There is plenty for us to update you on, from our continuous work pioneering AR software and hardware, additional capital raises, further refinements of our app and web platform, tech development efforts with new strategic partners, etc. — all of which we are excited to shed more light on very soon, but for today’s post, we are very, very happy to reveal a substantial update to our ARKH App that we think you will love.

So now, without further ado, we are thrilled to introduce the HyperWeb Update!

The HyperWeb Update introduces an incredible new functionality, “The Hyperweb,” that is a significant enhancement of our app's “Discover Mode,” allowing users not only to discover, but also to contribute 2D and 3D content (including 3D models, voxel creations, hyperlinks, .jpgs., pngs., music files, non-fungible tokens, etc.) to be found in AR. Once approved, your contributed content will be discoverable and accessible by users around the globe, providing a new, generative AR experience that fosters creativity, connection, and engagement.

Imagine a world where social media and AR collide, and you'll begin to grasp the true potential of the HyperWeb. We believe this feature will become known as a cornerstone of AR experiences across multiple devices, including headsets, glasses, and mobile devices, as Augmented Reality becomes more mainstream.

In addition to the HyperWeb feature, we have made some significant changes to the general UI, Marketplace functionality, Profile View, Backpack, and some new features that you can now test.

While some new app features, such as the new “Map View” or the debut “Monster Arena Experience,” are still under construction, we encourage you to test out the new features, contribute to and explore the Hyperweb & Global View, and unleash your creativity!

Please keep in mind that our app remains in beta, and you may encounter some glitches along the way. We value your feedback and encourage you to join our Discord community to stay engaged and report any bugs you find. We are quite confident that this will be our last major structural change before we transition to native builds for our app’s official “public” launch.

Finally, as mentioned, be sure to stay tuned for even more exciting updates coming very soon. We can't wait to share what we've been working on, and we are even more excited to continue defining our augmented reality with you.

Thank you for your unwavering support, and let's embark on this thrilling journey to a whole new world of AR experiences with the HyperWeb App Update!

Much love,