ARKH AR Controller Pro

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ARKH AR Controller Pro

Connect. Create. Play.

Pair an ARKH AR Controller Pro in the app to interact with the AR assets and environment by touch and motion to create, play, and manipulate objects. Each controller is produced per order with an estimated 12-15 weeks of production time.

We are currently shipping in the US only, working to make international shipping available in a short time. Click here to be informed when we'll start sending ARKH AR Controllers Pro all around the world!

1,379 ARKH Coin

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The AR Controller is to Augmented Reality, what the mouse is to modern computing

A small wearable controller that sits comfortably between your index and middle fingers and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. ARKH AR Controller allows for intuitive and precise input with its touch surface on the underside, custom haptic feedback system and array of motion-tracking sensors.

Development tools for the world beyond your screen.

ARKH's tracking technology unlocks the powerful potential of real world interaction. Design unique spatial interactions to create more dynamic, intuitive and precise mobile augmented reality applications than ever before.


The ARKH AR controller connects with the ARKH app for a seamless connection between you and the new metaverse.

Using ARKH AR Controller


Charge your controller easily with the pogo pin charging dock.


A capacitive touchpad on the underside of the device provides you with accurate (x,y) coordinates.

Device Connection UI

The Unity SDK comes with a UI system that lets you easily connect a ARKH AR Controller to your phone, and takes you through the onboarding process.

Haptic Feedback

ARKH has a Linear Resonant Actuator which provides feedback when the trackpad is touched. Full haptic customisation in SDK coming soon.

Object Manipulation

The SDK provides an interaction framework of off-the-shelf solutions for interactions such as object creation, scaling, rotation, selection and movement.

Calling all developers

Designed specifically for creative developers, we call all creators to build in the new metaverse.

We are introducing an ARKH development program which includes a free ARKH AR Controller. If you are a developer, please apply today!

ARKH AR Controller

AR Controller Specifications

Dimensions icon


Height: 29mm, 1.15 inches
Length: 48mm, 1.89 inches
Width: 18mm, 0.71 inches

Weight icon


24 grams

Battery icon


8+ hours of usage time
2000 hours standby
90 minutes to full charge

Processor icon


64 MHz Arm Cortex-m4 with floating-point unit (FPU)

Motion-Tracking Sensors icon

Motion-Tracking Sensors

60hz sample-rate

Connect via bluetooth icon

Connect via bluetooth

Bluetooth LE radio, compatible with Bluetooth 5.0