Quick Start Guide

controller connection to phone
How to wear

Choose your handedness:

left hand wearing controller right hand wearing controller

Choose between two grip styles:

The Clutch Grip

clutch grip

The Point Grip

point grip
Connecting/turning on

Connecting to the app switches the controller on

Disconnecting from the app switches the controller off

  1. 1. Download the ARKH app from the IOS App Store or Android Playstore
  2. 2. Open the menu in the left-hand side and click "connect controller"
  3. 3. Select Connect Controller
  4. 4. Find your controller and click connect
  5. 5. If you're a developer, get our SDK pack for unity here
controller connecting

Point the controller in the same direction as the phone and press calibrate to let the controller know which way is forward. The controller will already know which way is down.

Depth Control

controller calibration

Plug the USB cable into either a phone or a block

Charging LED will show indication of charging

3 Full LEDs indicate a full charge

Battery lasts 2 months if it stays disconnected

controller charging
Start playing

Start playing with the AR controller!

Caring and Safety:

  • - Don't smash the bottom glass touchpad
  • - Do not use if there is a shatter or crack
  • - Do not use if battery is swollen
  • - Do NOT get wet. The controller is NOT waterproof.
  • - Use a damp cloth to clean
  • - Avoid rubbing over LEDs to avoid clogs
controller vibrating